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Old GangstHERS

In June, 2023, seven amazing artists and designers came together around the theme of the “quilting circle.” This

one-week collaboratory was highly generative and yielded the exquisitely beautiful, experimental works shown here.  *Works inspired by the residency but done back in the artist's studio. Enjoy!


From right to left, gus, Donna Moran, Karen Boone, Julia Randall, Lyn Godley, Terry Irwin and Andrea Wollensak.


Tree Ladder

gus, Clay

10 White Pricks in a Field (in progress)*

gus, Ceramic Conglomerate

SH Rubbubg process_edited.jpg

Untitled (Creek Bed)

Julia Randall, work in progress

Untitled (Creek Bed)

Julia Randall, multi-media installation

Branch 3 copy.jpeg
Branch 4 copy.jpg

Untitled (Karen's Sculpture 1 + 2)

Julia Randall, Charcoal on Paper

Branch 1 copy.jpg
Branch 2 copy.jpg

Untitled (Karen's Sculptures 3 + 4)

Julia Randall, Charcoal on Paper

Karen NORTH.jpg
Karen center.jpg


Karen Boone, Sticks and Stones

Karen WEST.jpg
Karen South.jpg


Karen Boone, Stick and Stones

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