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Collaboratories, Exploratories, and Workshops


Loss, Found, Home

Alex Goldberg, Megan Offner, Sam Bennett, Loren Daye

In early May, as the leaves were still emerging and the air was fresh, a small group of women came together to delve into the creative process and its potential to process loss.They uncovered locations surrounding the Swimming Hole that naturally resonated as a place from which they could translate and express their emotions. These interior-like spaces might be a journey along the creek, a remarkable tree holding court in the forest, or a collection of erratic boulders left behind by glaciers. The design of artifacts and constructed objects became a catalyst for rituals and dialogues that healed the soul and connected nature, the design process and the life-death cycle.



Joseph Morris, Phil Peters, Lindsey French, Jacob Ford, Kimberly Lyle, Alex Young, William Lamson

In May, eight artists (mostly) in the technology space explored how they might create a realtime documentation of the natural environment surrounding the Swimming Hole. By day three, arduinos, magnetic tape, radio antenae, microphones and sub-woofers filled the barn with rumblings, motion detecting and poetry.  Collaborator Phil Peters returns this November to complete the ceramic speaker, formed over a beach ball.  The speaker is designed to live-stream subterranean sounds recorded via geo-phones staked into the ground at the base of the largest tree on the property.


Old GangstHERS

Donna Moran, Andrea Wollensak, Terry Irwin, Karen Boone, Lyn Godley, Julia Randall, Deb Johnson

This June, a group of multidisciplinary artists came together to collectively respond to “place.” Each individual’s practice was the catalyst for a collaborative experiment that adopted the metaphor of the quilting circle - a longstanding tradition in which women in rural environments came together to share the work of quilt-making which also provided a place for the women to tell stories, share knowledge and empower each other in their isolation.


The Old GangstHERS’ ventured into the natural landscape to create and gather artifacts that were reinterpreted, reshaped and expanded as collaborative works. In this space the “quilt” emerged.


Mapping Ignorance

Sahib Singh, Martin Rodriguez, Joan Ball, Marianna Amatullo, Kurt Herzer, Meghan Day, Sonia Sarkar, Deb Johnson

How do we understand and make sense of the unknown, together? This group stepped into a series of experiences designed to reveal how each person approached narrative inquiry. The purpose was to dig into the unknown unknowns, and examine the relationship fear and risk in the context of the unknown. The sessions revealed unique approaches to uncovering patterns, taxonomies and maps build frameworks to accelerate synthesis. A series of refined and replicable exercises are under development. 


The Feast

Matt Nolen, Glenn Goldberg, Ron Baron, Amy Yoes, Analia Segal, Sarah van Ouwerkerk

The Feast was a 15 day residency that brought six artists together to share process and create new approaches to work. Each artist became the catalyst for a collaborative project. We are still processing the results and will share more soon:-)



Workshop: Natural Pigments

Songwriting for Humor



Water Women


We're looking forward to the groups still to come...

Make room for joy.

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