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Portraits and Self

Marryam Moma

June 9 - 15

Dive into the world of analog collage and assemblage guided by Marryam Moma. Discover techniques, narratives, and the power of visual storytelling through the creation of portraits, self-portraits and a collective artwork that reflects diverse perspectives and shared experiences.


Be a part of this transformative journey, bridging personal exploration with collaborative creativity.using found materials, photographs and collected images and sink into the magic of the Swimming Hole.

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ARTIST BIO: Tanzanian-Nigerian collage artist Marryam Moma intricately reconstructs repurposed archival paper and mixed media, to create vibrant narratives, delving into the complexities of the Black experience. She highlights Black bodies, their strength and joy, while challenging societal perceptions. Moma's work is a masterful tapestry of multidimensional stories. Inspired by the mundane and extraordinary, Marryam Moma creates layered analog collages from apparently disparate elements that uplift and empower. Moma has exhibited in the US and abroad, creating works that foster understanding and inclusion.


​Limited to six participants

$600 - includes shared room, mealsand most materials. Inquire about scholarships

​Contact us at


Exquisite Corpse

Matt Nolen

August 4 - 11


We’re still figuring out the details of this workshop, but you can count on having an amazing experience working with this artist and ceramics professor, Matt Nolen. The collaborative project is visioned as a monumental, outdoor stacking ceramic piece. You’ll also have the opportunity to hand-build individual works - all against the spectacular backdrop of the Catskill mountains.

ARTIST STATEMENT: “As a painter, architect and storyteller, clay provides the means by which I can marry my loves:  the painted surface, three dimensional form and narrative content.  Ceramics gives me the language to communicate my stories to a world audience.  The stories I am telling have become more personal and often are informed by the inner landscape of self:  notions of shelter that explore what we protect and keep private vs. that which we choose to reveal, escape through dreams, and contemporary takes on ancient Greek and Roman portrait busts and the architectural load bearing caryatid and atlas. My figures tell the stories of those who are challenged by conflicts and are in the midst of emotional or psychological transitions.  It is life lived within the complexity of these “margins” that interests me the most.”


Matt Nolen is a studio artist living and working in New York City and Narrowsburg, NY.  His work has been exhibited internationally and is in numerous private and public collections including:  The Cooper-Hewitt Museum, NYC., The Museum of Arts and Design, NYC., The Newark Museum, NJ., The Houston Museum of Fine Art, TX., The de Young Museum, San Francisco, CA. and The Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY .


Limited to six participants.

$600 - includes shared room, meals and most materials. No firing fees.

inquire about scholarships.

Contact us at


Creative Entrepreneurs Camp

Peter Ragonetti and Deb Johnson

June 17 - 22


Need help getting your idea to market?


Up your game and learn what it takes to go from idea-to production-to market in five days. You'll work one-on-one, with acclaimed entrepreneurship guru and product designer Peter Ragonetti. Immersed in the exquisite beauty of the Swimming Hole retreat center and fueled by your passion, you’ll be coached by experts and create a personalized roadmap for success. 


This workshop is for people who have a marketable idea in the following sectors: product, fashion, toys and board games, jewelry, ceramics, and accessories. Explore your options for direct-to-Consumer, eCommerce and retail sales. It’s also great for designers who want to understand how to develop a product for market – a valuable portfolio asset for those entering the field.


Peter will guide you through a series of hands-on exercises designed for designers:


·     Create a budget,

·     Assess cost of goods,

·     Dig into supply chain logistics,

·     Build a manufacturing plan,

·     Design a crowdfunding                


·     Develop personalized strategies

      for marketing, and

·     Make a Go-To-Market plan.


Along the way you will gain an understanding of business terms, logistics and strategic planning.


Deb will work alongside each participant to design presentation materials, graphics, and develop the UX/UI strategies for your product.


We start to work at breakfast and end around the campfire. Expect great food, a stellar view and an occasional plunge in the spring fed Swimming Hole.


Limited to eight participants.

$600 for current students and recent graduates

$1200 for professionals

15% off for IDSA members


Fee includes shared room, meals and materials.

The Swimming Hole Foundation is located near Woodstock, NY


Limited to eight participants.

$600 - students and recent alumni

$1200 - professionals

Fee includes shared room, meals and most materials.

IDSA members receive a 15% discount.

Inquire about scholarships.

Contact us at

Things to know:

You'll likely be sharing a room with someone else, however we do have a few private rooms for an additional fee.

Meals are primarily vegetarian and we can adapt to most dietary requirements. Guests have access to the kitchen and pantry.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Make room for joy.

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